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Most people have hung up on a telemarketer at one point in their lives; if you haven’t, you probably k now someone who has.

Don’t blame telemarketing. There was probably a good reason for the hang up: the caller wasn’t making a connection.

Let’s look at how telemarketing has changed, and at ways your business can now make positive, productive connections.

Make your outbound efforts a positive activity

For years, typical telemarketing featured volume-hungry tactics. Large call centers in low cost and offshore markets, with poor hiring and poor training–all adding up to a poor customer experience.

Responding to the negativity, companies like Aucera brought about changes in the industry. Higher standards of training, performance, and accountability now define Outbound Call Center Services.

Quality outbound call centers treat telemarketing as a privilege, not an intrusion. This in-turn builds trust from clients and their customers.

Aucera, for example, abides by 3 essential rules:

  • Adhere to all state and federal regulations regarding call services
  • Make every acceptable effort to lead the customer to a successful resolution
  • Create a positive customer experience

In today’s caller ID-led environment the customer chooses whether to answer or not. When they do choose to pick up the phone it’s crucial to make sure you provide a positive, engaging experience.

Finding your next call center talent

Your business success is dependent on lower costs per sale and higher conversion rates. Both factors begin at creating a stronger connection with customers, from the get-go. This means utilizing stronger opening dialogs and building deeper emotional connections throughout the call.

To ensure successful and effective outbound call center services, you will need to have higher standards in your hiring practices.

Aucera recruits from larger talent pools in mid- to large-sized metropolitan markets. This allows our call centers to target higher-level prospects who offer qualities like maturity, diversity and life experience– essentials to creating emotional connections with customers.

Training to win

Once hired, agents become fully-immersed into a system of training. This ongoing process concentrates on the arts of engaging dialogs, conscious conversations, speaking with authority and knowledge, and tailoring benefits to individual customers.

This plan to succeed doesn’t end at the initial training. Agent performances are monitored and measured through low supervisor-to-agent ratios, allowing for ongoing personalized training and development.

Training is an investment proven to pay huge dividends for clients.

  • Lower cost per sale
  • High conversion rates
  • Higher quality sales that have longer lifecycles
  • Lower cancellation rates
  • Consistently higher customer satisfaction scores

Making impactful human connections takes constant management, monitoring, assessment, and encouragement. This hands-on, personalized approach is a key factor why today’s call center services stand apart from traditional telemarketing.

Are you ready to build trust with your customers?

Can you afford not to? Over the past decade, customer experience has overtaken price and product as a key brand differentiator. Outbound call center services serve as a valued marketing investment into your brand’s future, as proven in multiple industries including B2B, healthcare, and telecom.

Interested in learning more? Drop us a line and let’s start a conversation about how our proven outbound lead generation services deliver sales for your business. Contact us today.

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