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Our Leadership Team

Leadership is much more than experience and expertise. It’s about understanding the power of partnership and being whole-heartedly driven to make a difference. It means having a blend of passion, wisdom and courage while having an open mind to new ideas and embracing change.

Leadership Team

Christopher W. Conway

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Conway joined Aucera (formerly DialAmerica) in 1993 and became President and Chief Operating Officer in 2014 after more than two decades of service with the company. In addition to overseeing the strategies and operations of the company, all lines of business report to Mr. Conway.


During his tenure at Aucera, Mr. Conway has worked across the organization. He began his career in the Business Process Management Department and in 1997 he became an Account Executive in the Financial Services Division, managing one of Aucera’s largest clients. A year later, Mr. Conway became Director of Client Services for Membership Services.

In 2000, Mr. Conway assumed responsibility for the Inbound & Interactive Services Division and focused on client base diversification. In 2002, Mr. Conway was promoted to Vice President and in 2008 he was appointed Senior Vice President. He became Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in 2010.

Mr. Conway earned his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Cornell University.


Casey Kostecka


An expert in customer experience management with a track record building talent, improving system processes, and delivering cutting-edge solutions to contact centers, Casey Kostecka serves as president of Aucera (formerly DialAmerica).


Over the past three decades, Kostecka managed high-performance teams in business process outsourcing (BPO), healthcare, government, travel, and hospitality for companies around the world. Kostecka is a pioneer in digital performance management systems for the contact center industry and developed highly effective tools including proprietary gamification applications that are employed by Fortune 500 companies.

Mr. Kostecka is an author and member of various advisory boards and councils, and has earned multiple industry awards.


Lissa Love

Chief Client Officer

Ms. Love joined Aucera (formerly DialAmerica) in 1990. Starting her career in account management, she understands what it takes to provide exceptional service and has expertise in a variety of industries including Healthcare, Financial Services, Consumer Marketing and Membership Services.


As Chief Client Officer, she leads her team in managing all aspects of a program including strategy development, resource deployment and performance metric assessment and all aspects of client relations.

Lissa received her BS in Marketing from Rutgers University.


Michael Bardwell

Chief Information Officer

Mr. Bardwell began his career with Aucera (formerly DialAmerica) working as an agent in 1993. Over the next 18 months, Mr. Bardwell served the company in various positions, such as Sales Floor Supervisor, Shift Manager, Training Coordinator and Program Manager. In 1994, Mr. Bardwell moved into his first IT position and shortly after assumed responsibility for all technology-related systems on the inbound side of Aucera.


Today, he oversees a staff of technicians, programmers and system administrators which maintain all ACD, IVR, Application Development, Database Administration, Reporting and Telecommunication functions 24/7/365 across multiple facilities.

Mr. Bardwell holds several industry certifications as well as a bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia.


Norine Toomey

Chief Contact
Center Operations

Ms. Toomey is a 30+ year veteran of Aucera (formerly DialAmerica). Her team is responsible for all aspects of recruiting, scheduling, training, and performance, and quality assurance. In addition, her team is responsible for identifying strategies, processes and technologies for Operations and Account Management to establish and strengthen the company’s overall business direction.


She has had extensive experience in contact center leadership development and program management. Norine is a recognized expert in the area of building successful customer experiences, driving better customer retention and positive ROI.

Norine received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Creighton University.


Dee Booth

Chief Information
Security Officer

Ms. Booth joined Aucera (formerly DialAmerica) in 1988. Throughout her career, she has shown great ability for managing multiple projects and timelines within the many facets of the business.

Today, Dee is responsible for the assimilation of client projects into Aucera’s infrastructure. She identifies the technology needed for each campaign as well as the departments needing involvement. Dee was elected to the position of Chief Information Security Officer in February, 2022.

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