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Our Leadership Team

Leadership is much more than experience and expertise. It’s about understanding the power of partnership and being whole-heartedly driven to make a difference. It means having a blend of passion, wisdom and courage while having an open mind to new ideas and embracing change.

Leadership Team

Christopher W. Conway

Chief Executive Officer

Chris has been part of the Aucera (formerly DialAmerica) family since 1993 and has worn many hats during his incredible journey with us. Starting out in the Business Process Management Department, Chris’s path led him to roles in Financial Services, Membership Services, and Inbound & Interactive Services.


Recognizing his exceptional contributions, Chris’s promotions through the years allowed him to continue leading successful engagements by ushering him into the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in 2010. Prior to being named Chief Executive Officer in 2014, he proudly oversaw the company’s strategies and operations serving as President and Chief Operating Officer. With more than two decades of dedicated service, Chris is not just a leader; he's a driving force behind the growth and success of Aucera.


Casey Kostecka


As President of Aucera, Casey brings a wealth of experience and a passion for technology and innovation to the team. After founding a leading digital performance management and gamification company, Casey created “The 7-T Success System” and authored the book, The 7-T Success System – Leaders Aren’t Born, They’re Made.


Casey’s ability to blend technical expertise with a strategic approach has been instrumental in guiding Aucera through complex technological challenges, allowing Aucera to deliver cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the digital age. Apart from his professional achievements, Casey is recognized for his commitment to mentorship and knowledge sharing. His leadership at Aucera is marked by an unwavering commitment to excellence and a sincere passion for harnessing technology to bring about positive change.


Lissa Love

Chief Client Officer

Lissa became part of the Aucera family (formerly DialAmerica) back in 1990, kicking off her career in account management. With a knack for delivering exceptional service, she's gained expertise across various industries like Healthcare, Financial Services, Consumer Marketing, and Membership Services.


In her role as Chief Client Officer, Lissa is the guiding force for her team, overseeing every aspect of operations. This includes crafting strategies, deploying resources, assessing performance metrics, and handling all aspects of client relations.


Michael Bardwell

Chief Information Officer

Michael began his journey with Aucera (formerly DialAmerica) in 1993, starting as an agent. Over the following 18 months, he wore many hats within the company, from Sales Floor Supervisor and Shift Manager to Training Coordinator and Program Manager. In 1994, Michael transitioned into his first IT role, quickly taking charge of all technology-related systems on the inbound side of Aucera.


Michael leads a dedicated team of technicians, programmers, and system administrators. The team maintains ACD, IVR, Application Development, Database Administration, Reporting, and Telecommunication functions across multiple facilities, ensuring seamless operations 24/7/365. Michael’s experience and commitment to technological excellence define his role in overseeing these critical aspects of our operations.


Norine Toomey

Chief Contact
Center Operations

Norine is a 30+ year veteran of Aucera (formerly DialAmerica). Her team oversees all aspects of recruiting, training, performance, quality assurance and workforce optimization. Additionally, her team is responsible for identifying strategies, processes and technologies for operations and account management to establish and strengthen the company’s overall business direction.


She has had extensive experience in contact center leadership development and program management. Norine is a recognized expert around building successful customer experiences, driving better customer retention and positive ROI.


Dee Booth

Chief Information
Security Officer

Dee became a part of the Aucera family (formerly DialAmerica) in 1988, and over the years, she has demonstrated a remarkable ability for managing multiple projects and timelines across various aspects of the business.


In her current role, Dee spearheads the integration of client projects into Aucera's infrastructure. She excels in identifying the necessary technology for each campaign and determining the departments that should be involved. Recognizing her exceptional skills, Dee was elected to the position of Chief Information Security Officer in February 2022. Her blend of experience and expertise contributes to the robust security of Aucera's information systems.


Kristen Alexander

Vice President,
Customer Experience Solutions

Kristen is a highly experienced professional with over seven years of experience in the customer experience and business process outsourcing industry. She is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and has provided instrumental support to business development teams in top- performing outsourcers, contributing significantly to their growth.


Kristen's expertise spans various industries, including Financial Services, Utility, Healthcare, Retail, and Telecommunications. Her comprehensive insights into departmental processes and best practices make her a valuable addition to any team. Kristen is highly skilled in performance management, coaching, and employee engagement technologies.


Tom Gleason

Vice President,
Customer Experience Solutions

Tom has over 30 years of experience in Contact Center Services and CX Technology. He has successfully partnered with clients in various industries, such as Healthcare, Utilities, and Financial Services, to optimize their customer communications. Tom has played a pivotal role in assisting clients in overcoming challenges and exceeding their goals related to voice, automation, AI, and digital self-service through Aucera's strategic solutions in consulting, labor, and technology. Before joining the CX industry, he was a partner in a full-service advertising agency that focused on B2B communications.


Tom is an avid fan of networking and actively participates in various industry trade shows and conferences, both live and virtual.


Katrin Langley

Vice President,
Customer Experience Solutions

Katrin (Kat) is a skilled Business Development Executive who excels at creating strategic partnerships across various industries. With almost nine years of experience, she has a remarkable ability to identify emerging opportunities and deliver transformative contact center solutions, both on and offshore, that help businesses achieve sustainable growth and market leadership.


Kat is passionate about improving customer experience and enhancing customer journey through human and digital interactions. She is also driven by her strong desire for innovation and growth. She always strives to stay ahead of the curve in driving business expansion and unlocking new opportunities for organizations. Her approach embodies the ethos of driving sustainable success through strategic collaborations and business acumen. As a lifelong researcher and writer, she frequently writes and shares articles on topics such as AI, CX, and industry-specific issues.


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