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Aucera has found that tailored solutions centered around innovative strategies lead to consistent service delivery regardless of program size. The success of this program resulted in the following:

3M+ Interactions Handled

350% Increase in Headcount

74% ASA Reduction in Month 1

The Opportunity

Amidst the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the nation’s leading banking institutions found itself grappling with an overwhelming surge in demand. Faced with the task to scale operations while maintaining service quality and regulatory compliance, the bank recognized the necessity of partnering with an organization with deep customer experience expertise and operational efficiency.

Selected as the premier partner for this critical endeavor, Aucera stepped in to support the bank’s customer experience operations.

Aucera swiftly addressed the urgent need for a strategic pivot in the bank’s operations and the rapid expansion of its workforce. Their approach to scaling the program centered on three fundamental components:

The Aucera Solution

Training Enhancement: Aucera implemented interactive training modules across Tier 1, 2, and 3 curricula to ensure agents were equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge.

Accelerated Hiring and Onboarding: Aucera facilitated the swift recruitment and seamless onboarding of several hundred agents to meet the surge in demand.

Secure Infrastructure During the Pandemic: Recognizing the necessity for adaptability, Aucera established a secure work-from-home model alongside its existing brick-and-mortar locations, ensuring operational continuity during the pandemic.

Key Outcomes

Throughout the duration of the program, Aucera effectively handled over 3,000,000 interactions, with a remarkable expansion from 189 agents at launch to over 900 agents spread across 14 locations. The rapid response also resulted in a significant reduction in Average Speed to Answer (ASA), which plummeted by over 1,400 seconds within the first month alone. Moreover, Aucera’s emphasis on agent retention strategies yielded notable results, maintaining attrition at an average of just 6% month over month.

Aucera emerged as an integral partner, helping customers navigate the uncertainties of the pandemic while ensuring the seamless operation of critical banking services.

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