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The Future of BPOs with AI

In this episode with Jay, Scott Bell, Vice President of Customer Experience Solutions for Aucera, joins to answer the question, “With so many technology advancements such as Artificial Intelligence, what does the future of our business look like?”

December 12, 2023
5 min

Jay Ollero (00:08):
Hello, I am Jay Ollero and welcome to the CX Espresso. This micro cast features leading customer experience experts who share their thoughts on trends, tools, and best practices in customer experience. CX Espresso are single shots of Hot CX topics served to you by aera. Now today's topic brings into focus the changing landscape of customer experience services. An Aucera team member emailed this question about the contact center business at large. With so many technology advancements such as artificial intelligence, what does the future of our business look like? And joining us again is Aucera’s Scott Bell, Vice President of Customer Experience Solutions, who has worked for a customer experience services companies for close to 15 years. Welcome, Scott.

Scott Bell (00:59):
Thanks for having me back. Jay, I'm not exactly a futurist, and this to me seems more like a double shot kind of a topic, but I actually do have a point of view on where the business is headed. So there's a fair amount of hype around the topic of AI. We all know it, we all hear it, but AI has been a prominent place, has had a prominent place in our business for many years. We have several processes that use AI to automate work that consume time. One example is after call work or ACW as we've always said, which is really the housekeeping part. Agents were required to do so in the old days, and that's not very long ago. They had to assign a disposition code often from a long list of scenarios, much of this is now automated using ai, it saves time, it saves our clients money, and it brings more accuracy to the data about why people are really contacting us.

Scott (01:56):
So I think this is a really good question from my colleague, and I think the short answer is that the future looks bright. One of the reasons that people that work in the contact center business don't stay in the job very long is that they feel under challenged. And I believe increasingly that work will be assigned, this easy work will be assigned to robots and more challenging work will stay with humans. I believe that people will stay in the job for longer periods because of all this agent nutrition has always been a challenge in our business and we could really see dramatic improvement in this category.

Jay (02:34):
Scott, so this makes sense, but can you think of other reasons the future looks bright for contact center services companies?

Scott (02:43):
Yeah, so to be honest, I don't think it looks good and bright for all companies in the space. Keep in mind there's like 5,000 BPOs and the biggest ones have tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of employees globally. And then there's the many mom pop shops. They have just a dozen or two employees. But no matter the size, it's important that our investments are made in technology on an ongoing basis. And not all companies can afford to make these investments. We can because we're privately held and we have no debt in a few other reasons, but we're in quite a good position actually.

Jay (03:20):
Can you give any examples of why Aucera is relevant and ready for the future using a real life success story?

Scott (03:29):
Sure. A client partner was losing members and they tapped into our expertise because of our roots in supporting the publishing industry. We had our CSI team that's cost saving initiatives team work really closely with our resident data scientists using advanced technology to create a plan. And it really was all about savvy context strategies. In the end, we increased conversion by some 30% and reduce program cost by over 25%. So we're talking about a giant impact to their membership base at a much lower cost.

Jay (04:05):
So Scott, here we see the power of technology and data science mastery as a key component of past and likely future successes. But are there any other words of wisdom that you can share with this audience about the future of the contact center service business?

Scott (04:22):
Only this, it's been an extraordinary year. There's been some frothy consolidation in BPO this past year where the big got much bigger. And I've worked at a few of those places. And look, unremarkable customer experience becomes their norm in this m and a environment. So what I know with certainty is that bigger is not better in this business. I would advise people to chart your course wisely.

Jay (04:49):
Really good insights here, Scott. You're more of a futurist than you thought. But thank you for joining us today and I'm Jay Ollero. And if you'd like to submit CX questions for consideration, please email us at And if you'd like to learn more about Aucera, please visit Thank you again for joining us, Scott.

Scott (05:12):
Hey, thanks a million Jay, and happy holidays to you and your listeners.

Jay (05:16):
Same to you. Take care. We'll talk to you soon. Aucera is one of the nation's largest privately held contact center companies. Aucera provides a bespoke cost-effective customer services and solutions headquartered in Mahwah, New Jersey. Aucera’s customer engagement services are available at onshore USA nearshore and offshore locations for a wide variety of industries.

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