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“Tell Us About Your Leadership”

In this episode with Jay, Scott Bell, Vice President of Customer Experience Solutions for Aucera joins to answer this CX question, “What is the best question you have been asked by a prospective client or within a contact center RFP?”

November 29, 2023
5 min

Jay Ollero (00:08):
Hello, I am Jay Ollero and welcome to the CX Espresso. This micro cast features leading customer experience experts who shared their thoughts on trends, tools, and best practices in customer experience. CX Espresso are single shots of Hot CX topics served to you by Aucera. Today's topic is inspired by a recent job applicant who wanted to know what is the best question you've been asked by a prospective client or within a contact center, RFP. And here today to provide the answers is s Scott Bell, vice President of Customer Experience Solutions, who's perpetually out in the market at conferences, trade shows, meetings and events. Welcome, Scott.

Scott Bell (00:55):
Thanks, Jay. Yeah, happy to take a swing at this one. And yes, as it turns out, I like riding in planes a lot. So the question that I'd like to discuss with you, Jay has an answer that swirls around the topic of leadership. It's often asked in a vague or open way, like, tell us about your leadership. And the reason I like this question, Jay, is because it merits more than a check the box kind of an answer. Generally, the person asking the question understands is thought carefully about the people part of the business, and people happen to be the most important part of the BPO business.

Jay (01:35):
Scott, can you share why you believe this is the case?

Scott (01:39):
Sure. I think the bottom line is that when we're in the business of providing a voice, we do this for established brands as well as for companies seeking to build their brand. We're in the business of problem solving and empathy. While technology and AI have decreased the number of interactions handled by actual humans, there are many, many situations in which people still just need to talk to people.

Jay (02:08):
Can you give an industry example where this is the case?

Scott (02:13):
Sure. Pizza. Pizza is a $60 billion a year business here in the US and I had a major pizza quick serve restaurant chain as a client, I asked them why with such prevalence of phone apps and web apps, why would people even be calling? And their answer was because they're hungry and because the caller has the perception that they're calling to talk to Charlie down the street at the pizza shop. So yeah, here and again, it's really about people.

Jay (02:48):
So Scott, back to the question around leadership.

Scott (02:52):
Yeah. Leadership performance isn't always captured and recorded in honest ways on, for example, a Glassdoor review. Thoughtful answers about leadership should focus not just on accomplishments, but on leading indicators of character. So my best brands looking for an outsource partner is to go very deep on this question of leadership and do your diligence of the leaders and their character. In the end, they would be entrusting their customers to the BPO. And this is not at all a small thing.

Jay (03:25):
Any other advice you would offer brands as it relates to people in leadership?

Scott (03:31):
Only this, most everybody in the outsource customer experience business talks generically about their culture being their differentiator. And my strong feeling is that in this context, culture has really essentially become a cliche and often not at all an authentic attribute of an organization. A culture is not created simply by putting pinging pong tables in a break room. A culture is created by the leaders and is represented by their values about and their behaviors toward people.

Jay (04:04):
Good stuff here. Scott. Thank you for joining us today.

Scott (04:07):
Thanks Jay. See you soon.

Jay (04:09):
And thank you listeners. I am Jay Ollero and if you'd like to submit CX questions for consideration, please email us at And if you'd like to learn more about Aucera, please visit Aucera is one of the nation's largest privately held contact center companies. Aucera provides bespoke cost-effective customer services and solutions headquartered in Mahwah, New Jersey Aucera's Customer engagement services are available at onshore USA near shore and offshore locations for a wide variety of industries.

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