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Aucera has found that a strategic and data-driven approach to inbound sales optimization can significantly improve conversion rates and drive cost efficiency. The successful training revamp demonstrated the effectiveness and scalability of the initiative with the following 2023 AEP season results:

34% YOY Conversion Rate

59.31% 2023 Conversion Rate

22.68% Enrollment Increase

Training duration reduced by 50%

The Opportunity

A large regional healthcare plan provider was undergoing an evaluation of its enrollment operations. As a result of this evaluation and part of their organizational goals for the upcoming Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) season, they were tasked with increasing the membership base by 30%.

Recognizing the required effort and resources required to meet the ambitious goal, they would look to a partner with an innovative and analytical approach to sales and enrollment optimization.

The Aucera Solution

Aucera entered a partnership with the healthcare plan provider in an effort to improve the sales operational infrastructure and streamline the enrollment experience. Through Aucera’s continuous improvement methodology and gap assessment processes, it was discovered that the most significant opportunity was in the training curriculum. Aucera conducted a revamp of the traditional training structure that included a mix of non-licensed and licensed staff to a Tier 1 “licensed-only” program model. Class sizes were smaller; however, the Tier 1 model allowed for the training duration to be reduced by 50% and increased the program’s overall speed to proficiency.

Key Outcomes

Throughout the duration of the program, Aucera effectively handled over 3,000,000 interactions, with a remarkable expansion from 189 agents at launch to over 900 agents spread across 14 locations. The rapid response also resulted in a significant reduction in Average Speed to Answer (ASA), which plummeted by over 1,400 seconds within the first month alone. Moreover, Aucera’s emphasis on agent retention strategies yielded notable results, maintaining attrition at an average of just 6% month over month.

Aucera emerged as an integral partner, helping customers navigate the uncertainties of the pandemic while ensuring the seamless operation of critical banking services.

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