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Embracing Innovation: Aucera’s New Chapter in Customer Experience

MAHWAH, N.J. and INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Aucera™, the new identity of DialAmerica, one of the nation’s largest privately held customer experience and contact center providers, today announced a strategic partnership with TouchPoint One. This collaboration marks a significant stride in Aucera’s journey as it embraces its new global brand, reflecting a commitment to innovation and expansion in the customer experience industry. Together with TouchPoint One, a leader in advanced customer contact performance management solutions, Aucera aims to revolutionize workforce alignment, development, and engagement, enhancing the customer experience through cutting-edge technology and personalized service.

The rebranding from DialAmerica to Aucera is a bold step that honors the company’s nearly six decades of customer experience excellence while setting the stage for global expansion and technological advancement. This partnership with TouchPoint One is a testament to Aucera’s strategic vision, as it seeks to leverage AI-powered solutions and innovative technologies to deliver results-driven interactions and redefine the customer journey.

“Adopting the Aucera brand is a declaration of our evolution and our ambition to lead the customer contact industry into a new era,” said Chris Conway, Aucera’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our alliance with TouchPoint One is a critical part of this evolution, ensuring that our workforce is empowered with the best tools to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Their Acuity platform is a perfect match for Aucera’s commitment to marrying human connection with technological innovation, driving superior service and care.”

TouchPoint One assumes a critical role as a charter member of the Aucera Innovation Lab, bringing its expertise in employee engagement and performance management solutions to the table. The integration of its state-of-the-art, AI-powered platform Acuity is key to advancing the lab’s mission to revolutionize client business strategies through a synergy of human-centric and technological innovations. This strategic alliance is poised to enhance human potential and transform the business optimization landscape, combining advanced employee dashboards, balanced scorecards, strategic gamification, and comprehensive performance management tools. TouchPoint One’s commitment to innovation and technological excellence will be fundamental to the lab’s pursuit of unparalleled customer experience solutions.

“Entering into this partnership with Aucera marks a significant advancement in the innovation of customer and employee experiences,” says Greg Salvato, CEO of TouchPoint One. “Our shared goals with Aucera’s overarching mission allow us to blend our strengths in employee engagement and performance management to effect meaningful change. We anticipate this collaboration will yield significant advantages for Aucera’s customers and establish new standards of service excellence.”

The unveiling of Aucera, born from the legacy of DialAmerica, and the initiation of this partnership with TouchPoint One, signal the start of an exciting new narrative in customer and employee experience. This is more than a rebranding—it’s a transformation that resonates throughout every facet of Aucera’s operations, promising to elevate the customer experience to unprecedented heights. As Aucera and TouchPoint One forge ahead, they are not just adapting to the changing landscape of outsourcing—they are actively sculpting it, ensuring that every customer interaction is an opportunity to demonstrate the power of growth, innovation, and the human touch.

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About TouchPoint One

TouchPoint One is at the vanguard of employee engagement and performance management solutions, specifically designed for contact centers. Our flagship product, Acuity, is an AI-powered platform that enhances decision-making, nurtures talent development, and ensures efficient process execution at every operational level. Acuity unites advanced employee dashboards, balanced scorecards, strategic gamification, and impactful performance management tools in a harmonious design, perfectly attuned to business processes. This ensures the delivery of solutions that elevate human potential and revolutionize business optimization. At TouchPoint One, we integrate innovative design with the latest technology and practical functionality to deliver unparalleled benefits to your business and workforce. Learn more at

About Aucera

Aucera is a leading customer experience outsourcing company that brings over six decades of expertise to the forefront, delivering custom, cost-effective customer service and customer acquisition solutions. Aucera performs over 300,000 customer interactions daily for a diverse client portfolio across multiple industries, including consumer products, communications, energy, financial services, food services, healthcare, leisure, pharmaceutical, technology, and travel. Based in Mahwah, N.J., Aucera offers customer engagement services across nearshore, offshore, and onshore locations. For more about our experience, technological capabilities, and comprehensive suite of Customer Experience solutions, visit

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