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Aucera has found that tailored solutions centered around innovative strategies lead to consistent service delivery regardless of program size. The success of this program resulted in the following:

30% higher conversion rate than the incumbent

500+ FTE Support Program

25% costs reduction

10 FTE pilot led to significant program expansion and long-standing partnership

The Opportunity

North America’s largest audio entertainment company was undergoing an internal evaluation of its sales and retention operations. During this evaluation, they uncovered the need to implement a champion/challenger model by adding a customer experience partner to improve performance. Additionally, there was a planned expansion of their strategic partnership network that would exponentially increase their client base, requiring a CX partner that could quickly scale and provide robust business analytics with an overarching goal to optimize sales and retention strategies.

Aucera’s deep knowledge and expertise in customer experience management were precisely what the company was in the market for.

The Aucera Solution

Aucera’s “CSI” (Cost Saving Initiatives) team and resident Data Scientists developed an inbound sales strategy to optimize every aspect of the program and provide the much-needed reporting and data analytics they lacked.

  • Specialized teams were formed based on campaign performance.
  • Skill-based routing and list segmentation were enhanced based on the likelihood to convert.

Key Outcomes

The initial pilot showcased Aucera’s commitment to sales and retention, with conversion rates 30% higher and costs 25% lower than the incumbent partner. This led to a greater volume of their inbound care campaigns handling product upsells, system issue resolution, and additional inbound and outbound initiatives. Aucera was quickly established as the premier customer experience management partner.

What commenced with a 10-agent pilot for inbound member sales has grown to what is now a 500+ agent program, handling all aspects of the member journey.

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