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Aucera discovered that by integrating a simulation-based training tool, they could significantly reduce the training duration for a leading financial services company without compromising the effectiveness of their agents. Using Symtrain, an AI-powered simulation tool, provided a more realistic training environment, resulting in shorter training times and more confident, well-prepared agents.

Reduced training time by 30%

Agent graduation rates improved by 7%

Nesting graduation rates increased by 19%

The Opportunity

A leading financial services company faced a challenge with its customer support training program. The training duration was long, and the curriculum was complex, highlighting the need to reduce the training duration without compromising agent effectiveness.

The Aucera Solution

Aucera, with its unique perspective on training and knowledge management, identified that integrating a simulation-based tool could significantly impact the current training challenges. Aucera incorporated Symtrain, an AI-powered simulation tool designed to automate training and coaching for contact center agents. This tool provided trainees with a more realistic training environment, which naturally shortened the training duration for content delivery, role-playing, and agent certification.

Aucera’s objectives in implementing this tool:

  • Enhanced Agent Confidence: Agents become more confident with verbiage and navigation when taking live phone calls
  • Scenario Familiarity: Agents become more familiar with various scenarios, building muscle memory for subsequent steps.
  • Reduced Training Hours: The Symtrain tool provides a clear path to reduced training hours and lecture time.

Key Outcomes

Throughout the duration of the program, Aucera effectively handled over 3,000,000 interactions, with a remarkable expansion from 189 agents at launch to over 900 agents spread across 14 locations. The rapid response also resulted in a significant reduction in Average Speed to Answer (ASA), which plummeted by over 1,400 seconds within the first month alone. Moreover, Aucera’s emphasis on agent retention strategies yielded notable results, maintaining attrition at an average of just 6% month over month.

  • Reduced Training Time: Training time was reduced by 30%.
  • Improved Certification Results: Certification results improved through an objective and measurable approach.
  • Increased Graduation Rates: Agent graduation rates improved by nearly 7%, and nesting graduation rates increased by nearly 19%.

By integrating Symtrain and leveraging Aucera’s innovative training strategies, the financial services company was able to streamline its training program, resulting in more effective and confident customer support agents in a shorter amount of time.

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