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In today’s global economy, where your call center is located—onshore versus offshore—may not be your top consideration. But it should be.

It’s become increasingly clear that the benefits of choosing a call center that’s closer to home can impact your company, your brand, and your business on several major fronts.

If you’re evaluating whether a domestic or foreign call center makes more sense, here is some food for thought:

1) Better customer experience, higher quality service

A superior customer experience is more than following a script properly. It requires empathy for the customer, familiarity with language and the geographic landscape and establishing a personal connection.

Local agents can help your customers feel more comfortable with your company or brand. When they feel their needs are understood and met, your customers will be more satisfied.

2) Protect your company’s brand

Your company’s brand and reputation are invaluable. A domestic call center resource will better understand how to keep your brand, or your interactions with your customers, compliant.

“Clients need to ask: What tools does an offshore provider have in place to ensure that their outside-US locations are compliant with US laws and the myriad rules about telephone solicitation, recording and licensing necessary to deliver services legally and without damaging your brand?” says Justin Piccione, Aucera VP of Sales and Marketing.

3) Familiarity with your product or service

The more agents know and understand your brand and product, the better they can answer customer questions, relate to the customer, and successfully provide consultative advice. Domestic agents can personally relate to your customers, their experiences, and situations. It’s likely they have been in the same situation as the customer, making the same type of product or service considerations before a purchase. Our agents can converse knowledgeably and comfortably with your customers for a positive, personalized overall experience.

4) No language or cultural gaps

Context is important. It’s about more than speaking the same language, it’s about cultural perspectives that are ingrained in us as Americans. Cultural continuity has subtleties, undertones and context that requires personal experience that offshore agents may not possess.

Understanding the cultural connectivity of products such as financial services, insurance or even simple order taking can’t be taken for granted when using a foreign call center.

5) Better communication to and from clients

There’s no doubt that the ability of a client to be physically onsite at the call center—without the expenses of extended travel—improves the entire experience.

You can provide invaluable help in agent training, during go-live dates, implementing changes successfully, adding instant advice and insights during agent focus groups and more. There’s nothing better than in-person feedback to make sure agents fully understand your brand, your messaging and your key features and benefits.

“Do not underestimate the drag on company resources to maintain a relationship multiple time zones and thousands of miles away across international borders with multiple connecting flights. Most of our sites are no more than a one-day trip from any major city,” says Jay Hammans, Aucera VP of Sales.

6) Speed, flexibility and scalability

Close to home can mean things can happen quickly, be tested or changed quickly and, most importantly, implemented and ramped up quickly.

We stay on top of it all and so can you.

For example, Aucera recently helped a major insurance company reinvent its sales processes. They chose Aucera largely because of its proximity and system wide flexibility.

Staff members could conveniently and frequently meet onsite, offering the agility to collaborate and implement changes quickly and seamlessly.


Want the benefits of a local call center service?

For experienced, well-trained agents who literally know the lay of the land, a superior customer experience with your brand, easy access and effective communication at every level, contact Aucera to see how we can help you.

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