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Finding new leads is an ongoing challenge all B2B businesses face but your solution may be just a phone call away. Literally.

Odds are pretty good that your lead generation activities fell short of your expectations last year. It’s easy to say because it continues to top the list of challenges for businesses.

Overwhelming numbers say so.

How overwhelming? B2B marketing research shows 80% of marketers rank their lead generation efforts at only slightly or somewhat effective.

Here are three ideas that will improve your lead gen, and three important statistics you might relate to:

1. Limited resources affect nearly two-thirds of businesses


61% of those businesses surveyed feel disadvantaged–but that shouldn’t surprise you. A majority of businesses don’t meet sales goals each year and can blame a shortage of resources.

But, even if your B2B business is able to acquire adequate levels of staffing, funding, and time, your longstanding challenges may continue.

Simply having resources isn’t enough.

What successful B2B businesses understand is the ability to get the most out of every available resource. This requires an extensive and scalable plan of action, including specific definitions for employing resources to their fullest potential.

Having an outsourced call center service can deliver this type of value and help your B2B lead gen program hit the ground running. A provider such as Aucera will establish all the governance necessary for your B2B sales and marketing campaigns, and provide your business with focus and expertise.

What planning do you need? Consider how your business is able to:

  • Manage every detail of lead gen program implementation and ongoing execution, including education, scripting, and reporting
  • Oversee all aspects of compliance, ensuring your business’s needs are covered initially, and for the lifetime of the sales and marketing effort
  • Simplify your operations, eliminating the considerable needs for internal recruiting, training and management, along with the necessary equipment and software investment

Businesses like yours can avoid costly and timely investments from developing lead generation programs and resources internally. An outsourced call center provides a turnkey solution from day-one, with a dedicated team that operates with complete transparency while functioning as an extension of your business.

2. Nearly half of B2B owners lack quality data


This, too, is a problem that affects your lead generation activities. Without the ability to gauge your conversion success, you’ll never be able to set working goals. Having quality data from which to measure plays a vital role in your B2B lead gen success.

It’s a common contradiction that businesses strive to acquire quality leads over quantity, but then measure ROI through volume metrics. That inconsistency can result in misguided forecasting for your B2B.

And, even if you have quality data, it’s only beneficial if managed properly. Having recognized this, Aucera utilizes a unique ThinSourcing contact center business model, which enables a business to read and respond to trends quickly for positive results.

Call center services establish data practices that will help drive your business goals, and then analyze results to discover opportunities for continuous improvement.

3. Over a third of businesses say audience insights are a problem


When it comes time to put your sales and marketing plans into action, not knowing how to communicate with your audience can be a critical mistake. For example, your marketing message may be clear, concise, and persuasive, but if you’re not saying the right things to the right audience you’re speaking gibberish.

Having strong audience insights in your lead gen activities helps you determine the right groups to pursue and the correct messaging to use. In effect, you’re knowing where they are and what to say.

A managed call center service like Aucera will help your business define:

  • Your buyer’s journey and the messages that motivate
  • Reasons why your audience isn’t responding
  • Critical pain points your solution can solve
  • Competitive threats to your audience’s mindshare

Through enhanced audience insights a call center service elevates your lead generation performance and success rates. Calls can now be customized to specific audiences, and conversations can be adjusted on-the-fly utilizing advanced sales techniques.

Are you ready to win at lead gen?


Remember, 20% of businesses are feeling successful in their lead generation activities. An outsourced call center service offers you efficient and effective solutions for goal setting, creating a plan, and putting your plan into action.

Want to boost your lead gen efforts this year? Contact Aucera to discuss ways we can partner with your B2B business and develop a highly effective lead generation program.

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